Presbyterian Invades Cambridge for Return Tennis Match Today

A very strong Presbyterian College tennis team, one of two southern tennis powers to visit Cambridge this year, meets an improved varsity today at 3:45 p.m.

Presbyterian, described by Crimson coach Jack Barnaby "as one of the really good teams in the U.S. year in and year out," defeated the varsity in the south during vacation in two encounters, 7 to 2 singles and three doubles matches.

Despite the return of Ham Gravem and Ben Heckscher, both of whom did not play against Presbyterian earlier, and a consequently much strengthened doubles line-up, Barnaby considers the Crimson to be the underdog. "Although we have produced order from chaos in doubles and are generally better, I doubt if we have improved enough to beat them playing only nine matches," he said.

One of the chief reasons for Presbyterian's strength is number one man and nationally-known Al Morris, currently 18th in the country. With one of the most powerful serves among the country's top-ranking players, Morris went five sets in the 1953 Nationals before losing to Mervyn Rose, who was Australian National Champion at the time. He will meet the Crimson's number one player, Ham Gravem.

Varsity Captain Alex Haegler will play two, followed by Brooks Harris and Steve Gottlieb at three and four respectively. At five and six will be Conard Fischer and Dan Mayers, who moved up from seven after defeating Maynard Canfield in a test match Monday.

Harris and Haegler form the number one doubles team.