Crimson, Eli Nines Kept Out of NCAA

Where the Crimson baseball team stands in relation to national competition became an academic question after yesterday's announcement by Athletic Director Tom Bolles that the nine cannot play in the District One regional playoffs on June 2-4.

Exams and schedule commitments have forced the Department of Athletics to decline invitations to this competition, the winner of which will play in the NCAA championships scheduled for June 10-14 at Omaha, Neb. During this time the varsity plays Commencement games with Amherst and Tufts on June 10 and 11, anl Yale on June 15.

The Elis, currently tied with the Crimson for the EIBL lead, will also turn down a playoff invitation. "As long as the NCAA keeps those dates it's going to eliminate most of the Ivy Colleges," Bolles explained yesterday. "And that includes Yale."