Officers Cut Crime To 3 Days Weekly

The CRIMSON starts its exam period publishing schedule tomorrow, which means that papers will appear seven days a week, with the exception of Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Memorial Days. No papers will be printed after June 6, with the exception of five special Commencement editions. The official exam schedule follows below. Group  Examination I  Friday,  May 27 II  Thursday,  June 2 III  Tuesday,  May 31 IV  Friday,  June 3 V  Wednesday,  May 25 VI  Saturday,  June 4 VII  Tuesday,  June 7 VIII  Friday,  May 27 IX  Friday,  May 27 X  Wednesday,  June 1 XI  Saturday,  May 28 XII  Monday,  June 6 XIII  Thursday,  May 26 XIV  Tuesday,  June 7 XV  Wednesday,  June 1 XVI  Wednesday,  June 1 XVII  Saturday,  June 4 XVIII  Saturday,  June 4