Fines, Probation Possible Penalties For Auto Offences

Twenty-five dollar fines and possible probation await students falling to register their cars with the University police this week, Charles C. Pyne, Assistant to the Administrative Vice-President, said last night.

Out-of-state motorists can no longer hide behind their plates, warned Pyne. He foretold "severe action within the week" against unregistered out-of-stators, now possible through a new clearing-house system which pinpoints owners with heretofore impossible speed.

Incomplete registration figures indicate more student autos this year than ever before, necessitating stringent enforcement of University and city regulations, Pyne added.

Illegal parking, whether on city streets or on University property, will also draw fines and possible disciplinary action as University and city police prepare to "get tougher than ever" with offending drivers. Residents may not park anywhere on University property during daylight hours without specific permission.

Student drivers are responsible for parking cars off the city streets between two and six a.m., as a city ordnance prohibits more than one-hour parking during this period.