Motorist Assaults Freshman, Faces Hearing in Court

Hearings on the recent assault of Paul J. Wee '59 will be held tomorrow in East Cambridge, when Warren Caviochi will appear to answer charges that he attacked Wee and almost ran down David Galloway '59.

Wee and Galloway were trying to cross through a slow-moving line of traffic, when one car, a new Chevrolet, allegedly speeded up to prevent their passage and almost hit Galloway.

The driver of the car, identified through his license plate as 40-year-old Warren Cavicchi of 55 Gold Star Road, pulled over to the curb, got out of his car, and approached Wee. After a brief argument the students turned to leave when suddenly Cavicchi struck him on the mouth, Wee said.

Falling to the sidewalk, he hit his head against the Yard's brick wall.

Two secretaries in Wadsworth House leaned out of the windows and threatened to call the police. Then Cavicchi reportedly shook Wee's hand, said, "We all have our differences of opinion," and drove away.