Crimson to Run Voting Today in Ike-Adlai Poll

8,000 From College, Grad Schools Participate; Stouffer to Aid in Analyzing Vote Returns

More than 8,000 students will be voting today in the University-wide election poll sponsored by the CRIMSON in conjunction with the HYRC, HYDC, the Radcliffe News, the Harbus New and political clubs at several graduate schools.

Polling--to test student Presidential sentiment--will be held at the College during today's noon and evening meals. Tabulation will be completed by tomorrow evening, the work being done as the polls come in.

CRIMSON representatives, flanked by ballot-watchers from the student political organizations, will collect the polls in the House dining halls, at Harkness Commons, and at Vanderbilt Hall of the Medical School. Women at Radcliffe will find the polls in their mail-boxes this morning and are asked to deposit them in the Student Government boxes at bell desks.

Distribution Centers

For commuters, at Dudley House and at Aggasiz, balloting will take place at tables manned during the noon meal and through the afternoon. Students at the Law School will be given the polls as they enter their morning classes at Langdell and Austin Halls. On leaving the classroom, they will leave their ballots with CRIMSON representatives.

At the Business School, students will find polls in their regular school envelopes, for which they should ask by number. The polls, to be given out and collected at Baker 20, will be collected at 4:30 p.m.

Results in Friday's CRIMSON

Results from the Presidential poll will appear in the CRIMSON on Friday and in the Harbus News and the Radcliffe News. For the CRIMSON, Samuel A. Stouffer, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Social Relations Laboratory, will analyze the findings in Friday's edition.

Tabulations will take place at the CRIMSON building on Thursday. The counting will attempt to make correlations between Presidential preference and College class, area of concentration, and area of residence.

Faculty Poll

The CRIMSON is also distributing a double post-card poll to 900 faculty members with permanent appointments. Returns from this poll should be available for publication by the beginning of next week.

The Faculty poll similarly seeks information on preference, whether or not the individual switched his vote over 1952, and what branch of the Faculty he serves on.