Faculty Picks Adlai in Poll By 2-1 Margin

Incomplete Results Reverse '52 Trend Of Support for Ike

Adlai Stevenson has piled up a 2-1 majority over President Eisenhower in the CRIMSON's poll of senior Faculty members.

Of the 366 individuals whose ballots had been received by noon yesterday, 223 voted for Stevenson and 130 for Eisenhower with 13 undecided or indicating no choice. The total number of Faculty members participating, out of approximately 750 who received double-postcards earlier this week, was considered inadequate for a final tabulation.

Therefore, a revised tabulation will be published early next week, in the event of any appreciable response over the weekend from Faculty members who have not returned the detachable sections of their ballots.

Among those ballots indicating Stevenson preferences, 15 had switched from Eisenhower four years ago, while seven Faculty members changed their support the other way.

The totals included seven Faculty members in the Humanities for Eisenhower campared to 38 for Stevenson, and in the Social Sciences 14 were for the President and 35 for Stevenson. The Democrat also led in the Natural Sciences, by a margin of 27 to 14. Twenty-seven ballots for Eisenhower and 52 for Stevenson were merely marked "Arts and Sciences," with no breakdown by areas.

At the graduate schools, Stevenson led the Law School by 16 to 13 and lost the Business School narrowly, 19 to 23. Thirty-four Eisenhower supporters indicated that they were from the Administration or other graduate schools, while 37 in the same category were for Adlai.

By rank, 103 full professors indicated preference for Stevenson.