Strong Montreal Team Favored Over Depleted Crimson Ruggers

A semi-Crimson semi-rugby team will seek its first win of the fall against the Town Club of Mount Royal in Montreal this afternoon.

The Town Club, currently leading the Montreal rugby league, should have little trouble with the local aggregation. With its four Business School players kept home by Saturday morning exams and five of the other regulars unable to take a long weekend's respite from midterms, the Crimson rounded out the team with four of the better ruggers from the idle M.I.T. squad.

This meant that there was, temporarily, a full team of 15 men. Eleven of these are now in Montreal; the other four made it as far as Leominster, Mass., (30 miles from Boston) before their car broke down. The four, Tony Markella, John Alden, Line Ford, and George McGarrity, are now in Cambridge.

Replacements may be recruitable from the other Montreal teams, otherwise the Crimson will borrow two of the Mount Royal players and the match will be 13-a-side.