Forum Schedules New Speakers, Retains Date

Group to Consider China's Recognition

Despite Senator Styles Bridges' refusal to appear, the Political Forum will still hold its March 1 program, it was learned yesterday. At the same time new charges of tampering with speakers were leveled at the President of the Young Republican Club--this time by the Conservative Club.

Two Faculty members, John K. Fairbank '29, professor of History, and H. Bradford Westerfield, instructor in Government, have tentatively agreed to debate the topic, "Resolved: That the United States is justified in its present policy toward Communist China, including recognition."

Bridges' cancellation of his Forum appearance, which provoked violent denunciations of Thomson for allegedly undermining the Forum, also caused the latest protests. The HCC learned that the Senator had consented to address a joint HYRC-HCC program in late March.


Since Bridges had originally agreed to appear exclusively before the Conservative Club, prior to his Forum commitment, HCC members revealed charges of increasing HYRC pressure to "co-sponsor" all Republican speakers scheduled by the HCC.

In October, it was charged, Thomson first approached the Conservative Club with his proposal of "co-sponsorship." The HCC was to allow the HYRC to co-sponsor all its Republican speakers, but in return would not be allowed to co-sponsor any HYRC speakers.

The HCC refused the suggestion on the grounds that it was a non-partisan organization, and that it had obtained its own speakers.

Again last night, Thomson refused to comment on any of the charges.

"We wish to maintain amicable relations with all organizations, but we must also insist on carrying on our own programs without interference from any quarter," declared William C. Brady '57, founder of the Conservative Club.

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