Ike's Backers Will Not Join Forum Clubs

Walk-Out of Officers Follows Discussion

The proposal of Morton Korn '57 to have the "Students for Eisenhower" join the Political Forum was defeated by the membership of the club, 28-11, last night.

Immediately after the vote, Korn resigned as president of the organization, calling the vote a sign of "lack of confidence" in his leadership. He called the defeat of his proposal a sign that the "Students for Eisenhower" is "no longer an independent organization, and will be unable to provide a constructive Ike program."

After Korn resigned, his entire slate of officers as well as the rest of the minority walked out of the meeting in protest against what Korn called "a plot" to defeat the "independence of the group."

James K. Polese '57 of the minority asserted that the meeting was heavily "stacked against them" by members of the Young Republicans Club, led at the meeting by John R. Thomson '57 and Norman W. Smith Jr. '58.

New Officers

Although David P. Bryden '57 argued against the action, the majority voted in a new slate of officers after the minority left. The new board was headed by William D. De Voto '58, who was elected by acclamation.

Bryden raised the objection that the membership of the club had not been properly notified of the new elections.

Thomson led the debate against joining the Forum by saying that the Eisenhower group had nothing to gain from membership. Smith called the Forum "a calculated farce and an organized deception."

Meanwhile, "Students for Stevenson" decided last night to become a member of the Political Forum.