Bargain Basement

In its zeal to serve the majority of undergraduates at the beginning of vacation, Lamont was unnecessarily inconsiderate to those who didn't or couldn't escape. For the intrepid student who was bogged down in overdue papers during the holiday, or the threadbare midwesterner who could not get home, Lamont was a library without books. The inarticulate and the spare of physique, not to mention those who enjoy food, were decidedly the losers after the lunch-hour battle at Desk One's bargain basement on Friday.

Lamont is said to have a policy of reserving a few books over the vacation. Yet workers there were able to give no assurance Friday that certain books would be available. This news was very discouraging for the straight-backed, though desperately late, crammer. If Lamont as yet has no effective way of making sure that at least three copies remain within the library, it must develop one. The Desk One people, clever as they are, ought to be able to find some way of checking the exodus of the world's existing Great Literature.