Faculty Committee Reveals Separate Plan for Theatre

Distinct From Visual Arts Group

Additional light was thrown last night on the plannings and discussions concerning the problem of a Harvard theatre. Harry Levin '33, professor of English and Comparative Literature, revealed that a Faculty Committee on Theatre, including Levin, Archibald MacLeish, Jose L. Sert, dean of the Faculty of Design, and Dean Bundy, has considered this problem for quite some time.

This group worked independently of the Committee on Visual Arts, whose report yesterday proposed radical changes in the present college theatre setup. According to Levin, the faculty group feels that a theatre for about 50 people would be the most desirable arrangement at present.

Levin said that there are, however, "great possibilities of cooperation" between the two groups since they both appear to be working for a common goal.

The Committee on Visual Arts proposed a 600-person theatre, accompanied by a small, 200-person theatre which would specialize in developing the talents of students interested in the stag. The building would also house the offices of the various theatrical groups active in the College. This proposal combines the actual audience theatre with the experimental, project-type stage, while the faculty plans are concerned primarily with the instructive aspects of a new theatre.

Levin emphasized that the proposed theatre certainly "must have real intellectual substance." Presumably this concerns emphasis on the teaching and experimental values of the program.