Politicians Avoid Test of Strength In State Primary

Kefauver Advocates Voting For McCormack, Not Adlai

Politicians from both parties are avoiding a test of strength in the Massachusetts presidential write-in primary next Tuesday, April 24.

Since less than fifty percent of the registered voters are expected to appear at the polls and all the delegates to the political conventions are unpledged, no presidential aspirant has even put in a recent campaign appearance here.

Adlai Stevenson will, nevertheless, be fighting for write-in votes against Rep. John W. McCormack (D-Mass), House majority leader. Estes Kefauver has recently asked his supporters to back McCormack's did for a "favorite son" candidacy.

The managers of McCormack's campaign do no seriously expect him to get the Democratic nomination. Their aims are to lessen Stevenson's support and possible to secure the second spot on the ticket for McCormack.

The drive for McCormack was started by the Boston Post. Last week, the Cambridge City Council endorsed him by a bare majority.

Stevenson has received active support from Sen. John F. Kennedy '40 (D-Mass) and other State Democratic leaders. In 1952, Stevenson led Eisenhower in most city areas, including Cambridge. The President is now unopposed for a majority of the Reublican write-in votes.

The ten percent of registered votes in the city who are expected to turn out for the primary will be faced with unopposed states for the state delegations.

The Republican delegation will include former governor Robert F. Bradford '23. The Democrats will be asked to vote for Mayor Edward J. Sullivan as a regular delegate.

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