Al Vellucci, a man of vision, does not let the first sweet taste of defeat embitter him. He almost succeeded in pushing through a City Council confiscation order Tuesday which would have left the University a meek rubble of brick, mortar, and Ibi. He foresaw glistening acres of tarmac parking space which would extend as far as the eye could see, asserting yet another advance of Urban Renewal. To avenge his initial defeat, which came by an encouragingly scant one-vote margin, Al will again propose seizure of University property, this time "by eminent domain." It is gratifying to know that Cambridge citizens are aware of this hallowed judicial principle.

But we wonder whether Al understands that Harvard was chartered before the Commonwealth, and that there is some question which has the right "of eminent domain" over the other. The University would cherish an eighth House, and while a Central Square location may have its disadvantages, we can only urge that the Student Council vote--perhaps five to four--that the Cambridge City Hall be seized.