AFROTC Will Now Include Outside Study

Will Recognize One Non-Military Credit

Following the Army's plan of integrating the University's courses into ROTC training, the Air Force Reserve unit here will allow its students to take two non-military half courses given by the University for ROTC credit, Colonel Waldo B. Jones, professor of Air Science announced yesterday.

At the same time, he said that members of the Class of '59 and all subsequent classes will be allowed to enter the program in the fall of their sophomore year and still complete the course and receive commissions when they graduate.

Jones outlined three main advantages to the new program; students will get full credit for their ROTC courses, which means they will need only 16 1/2 courses to graduate instead of the present 17 1/2; the program will turn out a better product for the Air Force; and the program will take full advantage of the talents of the University.

Different From Army

The main difference between this and the Army's program, Jones said, is that an Air Force student will not be restricted to any particular courses as an Army student is. He may select, he explained, any course which will fit in with his field of concentration and still help his Air Force training. In addition, there may be a new course developed which is suited to AFROTC work.

The courses outside the field are to be taken in the sophomore and junior years. While taking the outside courses, students will have to take regular outdoor drill for the first half of the term--15 hours in all.