From the Closet

Certainly it is annoying to have proctors in squeaking boots walking up and down an examination room. It is annoying, also, to have two proctors stand behind you and converse in tones so exquisitely modulated that you catch just half of their conversation. But, great as these annoyances are, there is one other with which in comparision they sink into insignificance. It has frequently happened that as soon as a number of men had finished their papers, the books were seized by some proctor, who, after reading until he came to a passage that seemed to him ridiculous, would call a fellow-proctor to enjoy the laugh with him. Now, examination books are written for instructors; proctors have no right to read them, and those few who take the right and make sport over them insult every student in the examination room. --from THE CRIMSON of February 23, 1877