7-2 Sabre Decision Helps Fencers Beat Cornell Varsity, 14-13

Only a very good showing in sabre saved the varsity fencing match with Cornell Saturday; the Crimson lost both the foil and epee. But a 7-2 edge in sabre enabled the varsity to eke out the Big Red, 14 to 13.

In fact, since most of the Crimson's strong fencers did not fence well, it is remarkable that the varsity was able to win at all. Even in sabre, where a clean sweep was anticipated, the locals didn't match expectations. Cornell is very strong in epee, and considering this the varsity did fairly well in losing the division only 3 to 6.

Doug Runnels, in sabre, came from behind twice to lead the eevnt with three wins. Dave Silbert also fenced very well as he took three straight bouts. Mitchell Thomas, however, was off his form and managed to win only one of his three.

Peter Boyce won two in foil but dropped the third to a troublesome Big Red southpaw. The lefty also won one from Mike Klapper, but the junior won his other two. Captain Hubert Hocutt's performance was particularly disappointing, as he lost two before Bill Trebilcock replaced him in the last bout.

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