ILA, Management Reach Terms To End Crippling 5-Day Strike; Eisenhower Appeals to Israelis

NEW YORK, Feb. 17--The striking International Longshoremen's Association tonight reached a "meeting of minds" with shippers. The announcement signaled the end of a five-day walkout of 45,000 dockworkers from Maine to Virginia.

Louis Waldman, chief ILA counsel, said, "We are glad to announce we have reached a meeting of minds between the ILA wage scale committee and the New York Shipping Association.

"This means that, subect to union ratification, the strike is over."

With the ILA's top leadership recommending acceptance, ratification by the rank and file was considered routine.

The strike last Tuesday actually was a resumption of a nine-day walkout in November. That was interrupted under the Taft-Hartley law provision for an 80-day cooling off period.

At no time were the union and employers very far from agreement. Even as the strike deadline neared on Tuesday, negotiators were saying that 93 per cent of the issues had been settled. Wages had been worked out in advance of the strike. Both sides agreed to a 32-cent hourly wage increase over three years. The present basic wage is $2.48 an hour.

The stoppage cost business interests in this great port alone an estimated three million dollars a day.

Eisenhower Appeals to Israel

WASHINGTON, Feb. 17--President Eisenhower issued today a new appeal to Israel to withdraw its troops from Egypt after an urgent diplomatic conference in Washington failed to end the deadlock.

The President's appeal came from his vacation headquarters at Thomasville, Ga. Shortly thereafter Israeli Ambassador Abba Eban emerged from Secretary of State Dulles' Washington home, saying there would be further talks.

White House press secretary James C. Hagerty told reporters at Thomasville that Israel again had rejected, in effect, a plan proposed by Dulles last Monday for withdrawal of Israeli troops from disputed territory.

Eisenhower reported failure of today's Dulles-Eban talks in another way. The President said: "Israel persists in its occupation of Egyptian territory around the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba and of the Gaza Strip."

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