Varsity Beats Weak Penn Wrestlers, 27-3, For Second Ivy Win

The varsity wrestling team brought its Ivy competition record to two wins in three tries by cleaning Penn 27 to 3 in the I.A.B. Saturday.

The Crimson's points were scored on four decisions, two falls and a forfeit. Only a 6-4 decision victory by Jim Kinter over Jack Eastling in the 157-lb. division kept the varsity from scoring its second shutout of the season.

The first fall came in 2:40 of the first period of the 137-lb. bout, when Bob Cook, already holding a five to nothing point advantage, caught Penn's Dennie Hurley in a half nelson with crotch grip.

In the 177-lb. match, varsity captain Bob Gilmor controlled Bob LaRoche so completely that the large Penn wrestler could only crawl repeatedly to the edge of the mat, whence the referee returned the pair to the center of the mat. This pattern continued through the first and second and much of the third, with Gilmor frequently rolling LaRoche over, only to lose his advantage as the Pennsylvanian wriggled out of the ring.


123: forfeit by Penn; 130: Striker (H) beat Levy (P) 8-5; 137: Crook (H) pinned Hurley (P), in 2:40 of 1st period; 147: Noble (H) beat Pettit (P) 5-1; 157: Kinter (P) beat Eastling (H) 6-4; 167: Foster (H) beat Captain Goldenberg (P) 6-2; 177: Capt. Gilmor (H) beat LaRoche (P) 6-3; UNL: Culbert (H) pinned Hotchkiss (P) in 6:50 of 3rd period. Final Score: Penn 3, Harvard 27.

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