Sorokin Attacks U.S. For Sexual Attitudes

Pitirim A. Sorokin, professor of Sociology, continued his attack on an oversexed American society Thursday night on a New York television program, "Night Beat." Sorokin has presented this view in his recently published American Sex Revolution.

The sociologist maintained that if American pre-occupation with sex is not "stopped at the present stage, it is likely to call forth very serious consequences." He stressed that this is not his personal opinion, but that it is based on statistics, and cited advertising and television as examples of the manner in which sex is unduly publicized today.

He attacked televised variety shows with their "semi-naked ladies" and singers "bleating, yelling moronishly monotonous" songs, and then rose from his chair to give his interpretation of ballet on television. Sorokin also noted the gradual degenaration of literature to the point where it now shows "moral disintegration."