Howe Favors Ohio Justice For Reed Post

Commends Possible Choice of Stewart

Mark DeWolfe Howe '28, Professor of Law, and several other members of the law faculty, have indicated that they would favor the appointment of Potter Stewart, Ohio, Justice of the Federal Court of Appeals, to succeed retiring Justice Reed to the Supreme Court. Justice Stewart is the brother of Zeph Stewart, associate professor of Greek and Latin, and Allston Burr Senior Tutor in Adams House.

Howe described Judge Stewart as a "very able young man, with geographical factors and party affiliations in his favor." It is generally expected that the Eisenhower appointee will be a mid-westerner with Republican views.

Herbert Brownell, frequently mentioned as a possible Court justice, was supported by Professor Robert Braucher. He said that judicial appointments under Brownell have been made on a "fair and careful basis" and that his work has met the approval of the American Bar Association. Brownell, according to Braucher, is "widely regarded as an able lawyer."

Braucher pointed out, however, that geography would weigh heavily against Brownell. He said that the new justice would probably be "some midwesterner whom we haven't even mentioned." He added that "the Supreme Court is not the Hall of Fame. I approve of the President's policy of apointing justices from the lower courts."

While refusing to comment on Mr. Brownell's fitness for the high court, Ernest Joseph Brown, professor of Law, said that the new appointee would be either Brownell or a sitting judge.

Many Langdell Hall professors would not comment on the appointment.