New Series on City Planning Commences

Leading lawyers and administrators, including Rexford T. Tugwell, a member of the original FDR "brain trust," Walter H. Blucher, perhaps the most famous living planner in the world, and Arthur E. Sutherland, Bussey Professor of Law, will speak in a newly established lecture series under the sponsorship of the Department of City and Regional Planning.

Sutherland will give the first lecture this Friday at 9 a.m. in Burr A on the subject of "Community Interest and In dividual Rights." Subsequent lecturers will include James Shurtleff, former City Manager of Medford; Frank E. Horack, Jr., professor of Law at Indiana University; Charles Ascher, professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College; C. McKim Norton, executive director of the New York Regional Plan Association; Blucher; and Tugwell. The series is in honor of Frank Backus Williams.