Crimson, Clarkson Picked For NCAA Hockey Meet

Yale Game Clincher

Harvard and Clarkson College have been named as the two Eastern representatives to the NCAA Hockey Tournament in Colorado Springs this week, it was announced yesterday.

The NCAA selection committee, which met Saturday night at New Haven, decided on the two teams mainly on the basis of "their superior records." All three members of the committee watched the Crimson's 4-0 defeat of Yale before making their choices.

Crimson coach Cooney Weiland immediately accepted for the varsity and said last night that "our chances out there are as good as anyone else's. We haven't seen them and they haven't seen us." The Faculty Committee on Athletics had previously sanctioned the trip in the event that the Crimson would be invited.

John "Snooks" Kelley, Boston College hockey coach and chairman of the selection committee, had this to say concerning the two choices: "There has never been a time when four teams (Clarkson, R.P.I., St. Lawrence, and the Crimson) have been so close. Clarkson, however, by every guage and measure, was definitely one of the choices. We finally selected Harvard as the other team because they put their record (21 wins and three losses) on the line so many times. Any team that could keep a record like that in this topsy-turvy winter, deserved to go to Colorado."

Colorado College Favored

The Western representatives to the tournament will be Michigan and Colorado College, the two top teams in the Western Hockey League. Colorado, perennially one of the top sextets in the country, will undoubtedly be the favorite in this tournament, largely because its team is almost entirely of Canadian descent.

Weiland commented that he had been "almost certain" that the Crimson would be selected if it beat Yale on Saturday night. Once this was accomplished, he felt that the way was clear. "I couldn't see how they could miss us; our record spoke for itself," Weiland said.

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