House Quickly Approves Senate Revision of Mid-East Proposal; Ten Assumed Lost in Collision

WASHINGTON, March 7--The House wrapped up President Eisenhower's Middle East resolution in a 350-60 roll-call vote of approval and sent it to the White House.

The House action was swift, shortcutting usual procedures. The vote was on whether to agree to the Senate version of this resolution, which warns the Communists against aggression in the Middle East.

Eisenhower has already called the Senate language agreeable to him, and he said today "I was definitely pleased" at the 72-19 vote of approval recorded by the Senate Tuesday night.

DeValera Wins

DUBLIN, Ireland, March 7--Eamon de Valera regained control of Parliament tonight in a smashing political comeback for the 74-year-old New York-born Irish patriot.

He will become prime minister for a third time amidst simmerings of a new armed revolt against British rule in Northern Ireland.

But now the nearly blind though still physically active "Dev," the last surviving commandant of the outlawed Irish Republican Army, is an advocate of peaceful negotiation as the best means of uniting the country.

Ships Collide

NEW CASTLE, Del., March 7--A freighter and a Navy-owned tanker slammed together early today at the "Graveyard" bend of the Delaware River, setting off an explosion that ripped a 100-foot hole in the fuel carrier.

Ten men on the tanker were missing and feared dead.

Thirty-five others were rescued as were all 23 aboard the S.S. Elna II. Fifteen of the rescued--some pulled from the flaming oil-slick--required hospital treatment. Others were ministered to by rescuers. None were reported in serious condition.