Inhabitants in Claverly Hall Seek Reopening of Dust-Covered Pool

'Reasonable Request'

Claverly Hall residents, who are given only a room for their rent and a long walk for their food and activities, will officially submit a petition for something more today.

The once exclusive "gold coast" building contains a swimming pool on the first floor, and approximately 100 of its inhabitants would like to see it renovated for immediate use. So says the petition which was posted on April 12 and which Arthur D. Trottenberg '48, Manager of Operating Services, will receive today.

The document lists the following six "facts" as good reason for University action: "1) Warm weather is approaching; 2) This pool is our only recreational facility, hitherto unused; 3) Adams House has its pool; 4) This facility is vacant, serving no present purpose except to gather dust; 5) The pool appears to be in good condition and should not be excessively expensive to reopen, and 6) We feel that this is a reasonable request, that we should rightfully have the use of this pool."

Trottenberg, when notified in advance about the petition, refused to "venture a guess" about the idea's practicality. "I have not looked into the matter," he said.

In another statement yesterday, Henry D. Childs '58, petition originator, summed up the mood of Claverly residents: "We want to come into our own," he said.