Crimson Squash To Play Williams

The undefeated varsity squash team will travel to Williamstown today to meet an underdog Williams squad. Coach Jack Barnaby expects the contest to be the toughest so far this season, however, and warns that a strange court is a powerful leveling factor. The Crimson, 8 to 1 victor over a strong Army team last month, sports a 5-0 record in college play.

Captain Larry Sears will fill the varsity's number one position. The rest of the top five are Charlie Hamm, Gerry Emmet, Henry Cortesi, and Pete Lund. Sixth man Charlie Poletti is sidelined with an ear infection and Ed Wadsworth will step up to fill the spot. The remaining three players are Fred Vinton, John Davis, and Wally Stimpson.

Williams, headed by Stafford in the top spot, is likely to prove a strong competitor. The varsity also faces tough competition in the February matches against Navy, Princeton, Yale, and other powers. Barnaby refers to the encounters next month as "the guts of the season."

Success in these matches, according to Barnaby, will depend entirely on how well the varsity develops by mid-February. At present Princeton and Yale are probably the best teams among Ivy opponents. Harvard won its match with the Bulldogs last season, but dropped the Tiger contest.

The undefeated Yardling squashmen will also play Williams, but with a force far below full strength. Four of the regular starting nine will not be in today's match.

Captain Tony Lake will fill the number one spot. Next in the lineup are Ralph West, Mike Berlzheimer, PeteSmith, Ranny Hobbs, and Bill Lewis. The fifth position will be filled by Neil Slater-Booth, who formerly played English squash. Brazil's National Junior Tennis Champion, Jeorge Lamann, will play sixth. Bob Schwartzman, Hal Louchheim, Tony Ward, Tosi Hirai, and John Field complete the team