Fourth Period Tallies Give Tigers 10-0 Victory Over Yardling Team

With only ten minutes to go in the fourth quarter the Harvard Freshmen Football team's defense finally let down and allowed ten points--four more than it had given up in four previous games handing the Princeton freshmen a 10-0 victory at Princeton last Saturday.

Princeton's tallies would not have been enough to win, though, if the Yardlings had been able to gain six more yards at the right times. Twice they had the ball inside Princeton's ten yard line, once with first down and one foot to go, and both times they failed to bring it across.

The initial threat came early in the first period when John Damis ran 75 yards on a halfback dive to Princeton's one-foot line. In the next four plays the Yardlings managed to fumble twice and picked up six inches, handing the ball to the Tigers practically on their own goal line. In the second period the Yardlings were stopped with fourth down on Princeton's five.

A 43-yard run to the Harvard 14 set Princeton up for their successful field goal attempt early in the fourth period. After the Tigers kicked off, Harvard found themselves faced with fourth down and three yards to go on their own 47. They elected to go for the first down and were stopped. The Tigers scored on the next series of downs.

"We have been a precision team in our past games," Coach Henry Lamar commented. "Our offense was shackled by penalties and fumbles--and we are not a fumbling team."

"None of the boys played badly," Lamar noted, "and there was no outstanding star. They all held together and played a lot of good football, but we just made more mistakes than we have before."

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