University Sees Delay for Plans Of Loeb Center

Construction on the Loeb Drama Center has been postponed for an indefinite period the University has disclosed.

Architects for the building, Hugh Stubbins Associates, have found it necessary to alter their foundation plans considerably, on the basis of findings made during test borings for the theatre several weeks ago. Further, the architects have been dissatisfied with earlier designs for the hydraulic lift to be installed in the building, and each alteration in design for this mechanism necessitates a redesign of the foundation.

Although it was believed that the University would soon apply for a building permit for the structure, the present change in plans has forestalled this move, and neither the University nor the architects will say when plans for the building will enable them to apply to the city for a permit.

Red Brick Exterior

Foundation borings were taken on the favored, although not the sole, spot for the theatre. As plans stand now, the building will be constructed of red brick faced with white screening and will contain one 500-seat auditorium, and a smaller, experimental 50-seat theatre. Some minor changes in the interior of the center have been made, but the seating and facade have not been altered.