Blizzard Forces College Request Of Car Removal

The Administration, in cooperation with the University Police Department, has requested all students to remove illegally parked cars from the streets in the vicinity of the Houses. Due to the recent snow, parked cars are posing serious difficulties in fire fighting and snow removal, aside from obstructing normal traffic, police said.

The University Police Department has threatened to ticket all daytime parking violations which hinder snow removal. Cars left on the streets over night after the warning will be towed away. The Cambridge Police Department will follow the same policy towards persistent violators.

Recently, the University police have become somewhat lax in the enforcement of parking regulations. The recent snows have aggravated the problem of off-street parking so that positive action has become necessary.

Dean Leighton requests all students whose cars are parked on streets south of Massachusetts Avenue to remove them at the earliest possible moment. Under present conditions, parked cars in this area present unusual traffic difficulties and a serious danger in case of fire or other emergency.

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