History Chosen Favorite Field of Concentration

Replaces English

History has been chosen by more Freshmen as a field of concentration than any other field, according to a report released yesterday by Sargent Kennedy '28, Registrar. The report lists English and Government as second and third among the fields of concentration.

More members of the Class of 1961 have decided to major in the Natural Sciences than ever before, the report revealed. For the first time, Natural Science has become a more popular area than Social Science, with 394 Freshmen choosing fields within it.

Concentration in History rose from 11.7 per cent of the total last year to 12.6 per cent this year, passing last year's leader, English, which also rose in popularity.

The most conspicuous increases in popularity were in the fields of Astronomy, Physics, Physical Science, Mathematics, and History. The largest decreases were in Economics and Chemistry.

According to the Freshman Register, more than 500 members of the Class of 1961 planned at the beginning of the year to major in a Natural Science. More than 100 have changed their preferences during the year.

The decrease in Economics concentrators from 95 to 64 does not indicate an abnormal downward trend, but rather a tendency to return to normal, since the Class of 1959 also had 64 Economics concentrators.

Of the 41 fields offered, four were passed over completely by this year's Freshman class. These fields, all in the Humanities, are Greek, Latin, English and Allied Fields, and Germanic Literature and Related Subjects.