'Cliffies Ask 'Separate but Equal' Exam-Time Rest Room Facilities

Radcliffe was rocked yesterday by the appearance of a petition protesting joint examinations in New Lecture Hall. The structure, according to its feminine opponents, subjects exam-taking 'Cliffies to "gross embarrassment and inconvenience."

There is, it seems, only one complete set of personal plumbing on the premises, which the men have pre-empted by the principle of the dominant majority. The nearest facilities for females are to be found in Memorial Hall or Mallinckrodt, a good distance in the biting breezes of January.

To add insult, the University requires each voyaging scholar to be acompanied by a (male) proctor, and every time Nature calls one of the weaker sex, she emerges from the giant portals of New Lecture Hall with an escort.

More than one motorist, during exam period has missed a light while watching the weird parade of blushing couples making the trek to and from Memorial Hall.

Nancy Prober '59 Radcliffe Student Council president, reached last night and asked to comment, didn't. She explained that she was "embarrassed." Blaise G. A. Pasztory 1L, a proctor in most New Lecture Hall examinations, was more hopeful: "I am neither embarrassed nor inconvenienced by our little walks." He added that he believed that "this feeling is reciprocated by the girls."

Edith Q. Bratwurst, dean of inter-college activities, could not be reached for comment. She was preparing an address for delivery last night entitled "Radcliffe's Goal: Separate but Equal Facilities."