PBH Shinny Team Romps Past B-School

In a hotly contested shinny game yesterday, a combined PBH team consisting of youngsters from 10 to 12 from wards 13, 64, and 85, soundly trounced an ineffectual Business School six, 23 to 2. Commented I. Gotcha, Business School manager after the game, when asked to account for the loss, "it was simple, we smell."

Jimmy Velluch led the scoring for the PBH "Friars" as he poked 8 goals by the inept grad goalie, Jamie Hufton. The only dispute in the game came in the second period, after a particularly vicious check from one of the Business School defensemen, when one of the PBH lads produced a switch-knife, and made threatening gestures toward his opponent. Referee Richie Rubenstein quickly calmed the situation and the game was played without further incident.