Board Elects Josephs Head Of Overseers

Devereux C. Josephs '15 yesterday became chairman of the Board of Overseers of the University. At the first fall meeting of the Board, Josephs was elected to succeed Roy E. Larsen '21, president of Time-Life, Inc.

Before becoming chairman of President Eisenhower's Commission on Education Beyond the High School, Josephs was president of the Carnegie Corporation and chairman of the New York Life Insurance Company.

Josephs was elected an overseer in 1957. Since that time he has been chairman of the Overseer's Committee to visit the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and of its Committee on the Graduate School of Public Administration. He has also been a member of the Executive Committee and of the Committee on University Resources.

A native of Newport, R.I., Josephs graduated from Groton School and has received honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and other universities.

He is a director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a trustee of Johns Hopkins University and the New York Public Library.

As chairman of the Board, Josephs will direct monthly meetings of the 30 overseers. Elected by the graduates of the College, the overseers visit and inspect all parts of the University and pass on major actions of the Corporation.

The Corporation was established in 1650 as a separate body for regulating the day-to-day functioning of the University.