CEP Urges Withdrawal From NDEA Until Congress Repeals Affidavit

Asks Corporation Rejection of Loan Program; Faculty Will Discuss Proposal Tuesday

The Committee on Educational Policy has voted to adopt and submit to the Faculty a resolution calling for the University's withdrawal from the student loan program of the National Defense Education Act, a reliable source said yesterday.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will reportedly open careful and thorough discussion of the following resolution:

"This Faculty urges the Corporation not to use loan funds under Title II of the National Defense Education Act of 1958 until the Affidavit of Disbelief in Section 1001 (f) is removed, and not to participate in any other Federal program in which Harvard must take administrative responsibility for similar affidavits."

Resolution Omits Loyalty Oath

In its recent meeting, the CEP voted unanimously to recommend this wording, which significantly omits mention of the relatively inoffensive oath of affirmation, and concentrates only on the disclaimer affidavit, which President Pusey has termed "odious."

It is now up to the entire Faculty to take formal action on the resolution. To facilitate discussion, the Committee will present to the Faculty three memoranda offering "clear information on certain points and expert opinion on others." Originally prepared for CEP members, the memoranda deal with the provisions of section 1001 (f), its legislative history, its constitutionality, and possible legal action by the University.

In their conclusion, the three Law School professors who wrote on legal aspects--Freund, Howe, and Sutherland--stated that "we do not see in litigation a satisfactory solution to the University's problem."

In September, President Pusey decided to take a "fresh look" at the University's policy toward the NDEA.

The Faculties were then asked for comment on the question, and it is expected that the action of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will assume a significant place in the final decision of the Corporation.