'Cliffies Put Studying Second to Social Life In Coffee House Bid

In an effort to provide Radcliffe with a "social center near the dormitories," a group of 'Cliffies hopes to turn the Field House into a coffee house operating six or seven nights a week until 1 a.m.

The building, presently open Monday through Friday until 12 midnight for studying only, is the only available location for such a social center, according to Cornelia M. DeNood '61, one of the organizers of the project.

A majority of the college seems to favor establishing a coffee house, Janet Webster '60, president of the Radcliffe Student Government Association, said recently. However, several girls living in Holmes Hall have expressed opposition to the project.

Instituting a coffee house in the Field House would deprive 'Cliffies of the only place near the dormitories where they may study with dates, Margot Butterfield '62, one of Holmes' SGA representatives, explained.

According to Miss DeNood, a total of less than 50 girls uses the Field House for studying, while a coffee house would serve a much greater number of people.

The plan has been unofficially endorsed by several deans, Miss DeNood noted Before the coffee house could be instituted, however, it would have to receive approval first from SGA representatives and members of the administration, and then from the studentbody through a college-wide referendum.