Quincy Banquet Features Clark, Kennedy, Pusey

Senators John F. Kennedy '40 and Joseph S.Clark '23 head an impressive list of distinguished individuals who will attend Quincy House's inaugural dinner Monday night.

John M. Bullitt '43, Master of Quincy House, said the occasion will honor three events--the first addition to the residential House system since 1931, the first building completed under the Program for Harvard College, and the inauguration of a new Master.

Guests will go to a cocktail party in the Master's residence before the formal dinner, with students and tutors gathering in the Junior Common Room. At the dinner itself, students and guests will sit together, except those at the head table.

Pusey to Speak

President Pusey will deliver the main address of the evening. The new President of the Board of Overseers, who will not be elected until the Overseers' meeting on Monday, is also scheduled to speak.

Besides those named, the guest list includes: members of the Corporation; members of the Board of Overseers; persons actively concerned with planning Quincy House, whether directly or indirectly through the Program, and Deans Bundy, Monro, Watson, Bender, and von Stade.

Also the other House Masters; Mayor Thomas M. McNamara, City Manager John J. Curry '19, Councillor Joseph A. DeGuglielmo '29, and other representatives from the City; Mark de Wolfe Howe '28, professor of Law, who is a member of the Josiah Quincy family, representatives from Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson & Abbot, architects, and the staff and members of Quincy House.