Boulris, Ravenel Lead Team's Statistic Totals

Chet Boulris led the Harvard football squad in rushing, number of passes caught, and yards gained in runbacks and interceptions, post-season statistics show. Boulris totaled 628 yards this season in 125 attempts for an average of five yards a carry. His nine pass receptions netted the Crimson another 70 yards, and he ran back nine kick-offs for 166 yards.

In the scoring department, however, Charlie Ravenel heads the list with a total of 58 points to his credit. Boulris' total was 50 points. Ravenel also has the best passing record, 34 completed for 87 tries. Boulris follows here, too, with nine passes completed out of 21 attempts.

In attaining its record of six games won to three lost, the Crimson scored 177 points compared with the opposition total of 101 points. Although the Harvard squad made more first downs and rushing yardage than the teams it played, it tallied less passing yardage (and number of completed passes) than its opponents. The Crimson had nine of its passes intercepted and lost 10 fumbles this season, compared with an opposition total of 10 lost passes and 18 fumbles lost.

Individual statistics on rushing show Ravenel following Boulris; Ravenel has credit for 340 yards for 99 carries, averaging 3.4 yards an attempt. Cullen is next, with 322 yards made in 50 carries for an average of 6.5 yards. Repsher totaled 192 yards in 49 attempts to tally a 3.9 average, and Halaby has 172 yards gained in 48 tries for a 3.6 yard average.

Boulris caught nine passes for 70 yards and one touchdown. Repsher with 149 yards from eight catches also has a touchdown to his credit in the pass-receiving department. Cullen has received seven passes, gaining 155 yards, with Boyda also catching seven, for a total of 91 yards.

The top four Crimson scores: Ravenel, with nine touchdowns, has credit for 58 points. Boulris made 50 points and seven touchdowns. Cullen and Repsher have identical totals, 14 points and two touchdowns each. '59 team statistics are:  H  Opp. Points  177  101 First Downs  147  121 Rushing yardage  1994  1134 Passing yardage  654  983 Passes  117  165 Passes Completed  45  69 Fumbles Lost  10  18 Yards Penalized  509  408