The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Apropos of your "pro football in the Stadium" editorial, the CRIMSON may be reassured that the HAA does not charge a flat ($4-$5) tariff to watch the local eleven. There is a General Admission rate of $2 to $2.50, depending on the contest, for all but the Yale game.

These seats, in the bowl end, are inhabited by a motley crew of young (i.e., poor) alumni, our wives and assorted children. The wives have doffed their party garb of Wellesley days and come prepared for the elements. The kids hoot at the referees, opposing players, and other urchins. They eat semi-raw hot dogs and are watered by harried fathers with distressing frequency--usually on a TD play.

We sneak in through the West entrance and thus do not frighten undergraduates and their dates. This is a good thing because I would assume undergraduates still shudder at the prospect of becoming suburbanites involved in such pastimes as raising children and sitting in cheap seats at the Stadium. Bayley F. Mason '51

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