Radcliffe Selects Officers of SGA

Janet Webster '60, of Barnard Hall and Wakefield, was elected president of the Radcliffe Student Government Association, it was announced yesterday.

Disclosing seven other positions, Nancy L. Proger '59, former president of SGA, said that a misprint on the ballot caused "indecisive results" in a vote between Emily L. Hartshorne '62 and Judianne Rood '62 for alternate NSA delegate.

Other officers elected include Nancy L. Merz '60, of Comstock Hall and Maysville, Ky., vice-president; Marjory P. Zoet '61, of Whitman Hall and Bellingham, Wash., secretary; Christina J. Beurling '61, of Comstock Hall and Princeton. N.J., treasurer; and Patricia E. Gerald '61, of Cabot Hall and Minneapolis, Minn., NSA delegate.

Betty A. Rabb '62, of Whitman Hall and Newton Center, will be electoral chairman. Anna Mellos-Venezis '60, of Comstock Hall and Athens, Greece, will be assistant secretary; and Penelope J. Post '61, of Whitman Hall and Pleasant ville, N.Y., will be assistant treasurer.