Debaters Defeat Yale, Princeton To Win 50th Triangular Contest

Bynum and Harvey Win Prizes

The Harvard Debate Council captured its second consecutive Greenman Trophy over the weekend as two University teams triumphed over both Yale and Princeton in the 50th annual Triangular Debates.

The contests were held simultaneously in Cambridge, New Haven, and Princeton to debate the proposition "Resolved: That the United States should negotiate for disengagement in Central Europe."

In Cambridge, the Harvard team composed of David L. Bynum '59, Charles Lister '60, and John Ferren '60 defeated Yale by opposing the principle. President Pusey presided at the meeting, which was attended by alumni of the Council.

At the same time in Princeton, a Harvard squad of Kenneth Aldrich '60, James D. Lorenz '60, and Gregory M. Harvey '59 successfully argued the affirmative side.

Princeton defeated Yale at Yale to give Harvard an undisputed victory.

Prizes of $200 were awarded last week to both Bynum and Harvey, who were named the Coolidge Prize Debaters at a meeting held in the Ames Court Room. The award is annually given to those chosen as the best undergraduate debaters.