Hollis Renovation Slated For Completion Next Fall

The Architects Collaborative will refinish and modernize the interior of Hollis Hall this summer. Plans for the renewal job (shown above) include restoration of original wood in the ceiling beams and wall panelling, and installation of new plumbing and wiring. Additional bookcases and closets will be included in the renovated rooms that house about 56 freshmen. Workmen will also modernize the bathrooms and re-do the floors.

Renovation of Hollis, which is the oldest Yard dormitory, follows work on Thayer North that was completed this spring. Thayer Middle and Thayer South will be modernized this summer along with Hollis. The newly renovated rooms will resemble those in Thayer North, but couch beds, recessed bookshelves, and sound-proofed walls are among several planned improvements.

The work, financed by a $2 million allotment from the Program for Harvard College, should be completed in time for occupancy by the Class of 1963 next fall. Edward Reynolds '15, Administrative vice-President, said recently that other freshman dormitories will be modernized in the next several years. Stoughton, Matthews, Grays, and Weld are being considered.