Robber Raids 'Cliffe; Escapes With Plunder

A prowler escaped from McIntyre House at Radcliffe last night, carrying with him about $200 worth of valuables. The thief is believed to have left the house by the firescape shortly after 11 p.m.

About 11 o'clock one of McIntyre's residents discovered the intruder. She heard a sound outside her room and opened the door. When she saw the prowler, who was "in a state of undress," she slammed the door. The prowler then left by the firescape.

McIntyre girls began to suspect an intruder when a radio disappeared over Christmas vacation. Then, the night before last, a radio, a wallet and several hundred dollars were missing.

All rooms in McIntyre have locks on the fire escape windows, and "everyone knows about them except the girls whose rooms he entered," reported one of the residents. There are no locks on the door to the rooms, however, so the prowler had free access within the building.