Fleming Will Instruct Schlesinger Course For Spring Term

History 169b will remain entirely unchanged in form and largely unchanged in viewpoint, according to Donald H. Fleming who has been selected to teach the Schlesinger course this Spring.

"Students expect a course devoted to the social and political implications of American History, so it will continue to follow that mold," Fleming said. But he explained that while in the same political camp as Schlesinger, he suspects that their religious views differ.

Fleming, professor of History, currently teaches History 167, the history of science in America, and a graduate seminar on American intellectual history.

The reading list will be extensive, Fleming declared, and will include a few novels by men whose work reflects American thought. He listed Faulkner, Dreiser, Hemingway, Lewis, and Fitzgerald.

Robert L. Wolff, chairman of the History Department, said yesterday that 169 will be offered in 1961 as a full course, and will be taught by a visiting lecturer who has not yet been selected.