Officers for Fall Term Announced by WHRB

Michael S. Rice '63, of Winthrop House and Sioux Falls, S.D., was chosen president of WHRB at the semi-annual election meeting held last week. K. Thomas Kemp '62, of Quincy House and Battle Creek, Mich., was elected to the administrative board and named station manager.

Other members of the new board are Matthew Rubin '62, of Quincy House and Newton, vice-president; David E. Levy '63, of Quincy House and Verons, N.J., treasurer; and Robert C. Channon '62, of Quincy House and Riverdale, N.Y.

Frederick V. Mulhauser '64 of Quincy House and Claremont, Calif. was elected clerk of the corporation, and John R. Clark '64 of Kirkland House and Philadelphia was named business manager.