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Holworthy Wins In '55 Hoop Game

Powerful Holworthy inflicted a smashing 41 to 5 defeat on Thayer Middle, in an American League intramural basketball game played last night in the Indoor Athletic Building. Thayer North beat Weld South, 34 to 24, Stoughton took Matthews North 26 to 14, and Straus North trounced Mower 23 to 14, and Straus North trounced Mower 23 to 9, in other American League games.

Wigglesworth West fought a terrific battle with Weld North, coming through for a 30 to 29 win in the last few seconds of last night National League game at Hemenway Gymnasium. Dudley crushed Matthews South, 38 to 19, Grays edged Thayer South, 29 to 27, Lionel swamped Hollis, 37 to 24, and Massachusetts defeated Straus South, 25 to 16 in four National League games.