Eliot Eight Triumphs In House Crew Race

Eliot boats copped both first and second place in yesterday's House crew finals, as defective equipment, weakened by the basin's rough weather, hampered two eights and completely sidelined a third.

Eliot's first, or "Henley," boat outrowed the House's second crew to win by about ten feet. The number two Elephant crew was racing unofficially and will not receive any points for its efforts.

Kirkland Nalls Down Fourth

Winthrop was third, Kirkland fourth, Leverett fifth, and Dunster sixth. Adams House broke a sliding seat just before the start and was unable to compete. During the race both Leverett and Winthrop had less serious trouble with slide breakdowns.

Adams earned the right to enter the finals by defeating Quincy and Lowell in a consolation round Wednesday.

The winning boat contained Peter Higginson, Brian Catlin, Jim Adkins, Lloyd Dahman, John Lyden, George Simmons, Miles Walsh, and Nick Carrera. The crew raced in Eliot's new shell--some ten years newer than the newest of the other House boats--and now plans to spend this summer racing abroad.