Golfers Defeat Indians, 4-3

The varsity golf team ended its best season in years yesterday, squeezing by Dartmouth, 4-3, at Myopia. The victory gave the Crimson an 8-3 record for the year--considerably better than its 5-8 state last year.

Bruce Johnstone, playing in the number three position, George Duffy at four, Al Lipaky at five, and Herb Wollan at six pulled in the necessary four victories for the varsity. Captain Flake Warren, playing in his last Crimson match in the number one spot, suffered a disheartening loss along with John Livingood at two, and Al Larker, a newcomer, at seven.

The varsity may yet participate in the closing half of the Greater Boston Golf Championships, but no date has been set for the tournament finish. At the end of the first day of competition the Crimson was in second place behind Tufts.