Sloan Chemistry Professorship Endowed

As annual visiting professorship in chemistry is being endowed by Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Sloan of Washington, D. C. Sloan is Executive Vice-President and Chairman of the Board of Atlantic Research Corporation of Alexandria, Va., a company devoted in large part to research and development in the physical sciences.

President Pusey said the new Arthur for a teaching visit by a distinguished chemist outside the University. His teaching, is turn, will enable a chemist on the Harvard Faculty to devote the year wholly to research. The endowment gift of Dr. and Mrs. Sloan thus ensures continuity for a system of visiting scientists and faculty research that was instituted experimentally at Harvard about ten years ago.

and Ruth Sloan Visiting Professorship (or Lectureship) will provide each year

Sloan, a co-founder of the Atlantic Research Corporation, studied organic chemistry at Harvard under James B. Conant, and received the A.M. degree in 1924 and the Ph.D. in 1926.