Harvard Risks Tiddlywink Cup Today

Harvard and Holy Cross begin the 1962 U.S intercollegiate tiddlywink season this morning with a 10:30 a.m. contest at the official regulation-sized tables at Phillips Brooks House. Although fewer spectators can follow the match at PBH than in specious Burr B where the match was originally scheduled to take place, the more intimate atmosphere should aid to the game.

The Oxford Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society (outh) refeated Harvard, 24-4, on August 31. Despite its logsided score, that match marked a great moral victory for the Crimson when OUTS players remarked, "Harvard is obviously the best team we played in America."

Holy Cross, on the other hand, is completely unseasoned Its team was formed last month after it read about Harvard's exploits in the Boston press.