McCormack Backers Switch Their Support; Howe Backs Hughes

Mark DeWolf Howe '28, professor of law and an outspoken supporter of Attorney-General Edward J. McCormack in the Massachusetts Democratic primary, is prepared to announce his support of Professor H. Stuart Hughes' independent candidacy at a rally for Hughes to be held in Faneuil Hall at 7:30 tonight.

Howe is one of a number of local professors who signed an advertisement favoring McCormack that appeared in Boston newspapers last summer who have now decided to back Hughes. This number includes Gordon W. Allport, professor of Psychology; Serge Ivan Chermayeff, professor of Architecture; Herbert Dieckmann, Smith Professor of the French and Spanish Languages; Sidney B. Fay '96, professor of History, emeritus; and Dante L. Germino of Wellesley College.

A somewhat smaller group of professors who also signed the advertisement. have since the primary publicly switched their allegiance to the man who defeated McCormack, Edward M. Kennedy '54. Among this group are Robert G. McCloskey, professor of Government; Virginia L. Galbraith, a professor of Economics at Amherst College; and James McGregor Burns, a professor of Political Science at Williams College.